Dealing With Military Fallout In Your Own Marriage? Can Counseling Help?

The military life can be difficult on even the strongest marriage. With frequent deployments, incredible levels of work-related stress for the military spouse, and loneliness and isolation for the civilian spouse, these (and other) physical and emotional factors may be enough to bring you and your spouse to the brink of divorce. Unfortunately, many marriage therapists and counseling services may not seem to be able to relate to the specific challenges you and your spouse are facing. Read More 

Three Lesser Know Signs Of Teen Depression

Most parents expect some emotional ups and downs as their child enters the teen years. If you are like most parents, you also probably know to keep an eye out for depression warning signs, such as drug and alcohol use, violent mood swings, and acting out. Not all symptoms of depression are as obvious, though. The following are little-known signs you should also keep an eye out for. Sign #1: Concentration Problems Read More 

3 Reasons Your Husband’s Sex Drive Might Be Non-Existent

The issue of sex in marriage is one that causes problems for many married couples. In most cases, it is the husband complaining that the wife does not want to have sex often enough; however, this is not always the case. There are many couples where this is reversed, and couples going through this issue may be able to find help for their sexual problems by seeing a marriage counselor that offers sex therapy. Read More 

What To Do When Sensory Preferences Get In The Way Of Your Relationships

One challenge in romantic relationships is communicating in a way that both of you will understand. Your sensory preferences, the way you experience the world, may not match that of the other person. You may both be saying "I love you" to the other in your own ways, but the message isn't being received. Here are some ways your communication may not be effective in your relationship. Identifying Your Sensory Preferences Read More 

When Good Parenting Seems Impossible To You: What You Can Do

As a first-time parent, you often feel as if you are in over your head. Everything is new and unfamiliar, and when your child misbehaves or something does not go exactly as you would have imagined, you feel lost and frustrated. If you are finding it difficult to be a good parent, get to know some of the changes and adjustments that you can make to improve your situation and make yourself feel better about your parenting skills and your child's future and safety. Read More