Key Benefits Of Completing Your DWI Assessment

Driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs is a criminal offense in the US. Various federal and state laws make it illegal to drive while intoxicated and prescribe various forms of punishment. Depending on your case's circumstances, the court can fine or imprison you. In some cases, the judge can let you off with a warning. However, courts often confiscate defendants' driver's licenses until they complete DWI assessments. Everybody convicted of a DUI offense has to go through this process before the DMV allows them back on the road. A DUI has long-term complications, especially if the court severely punishes you. However, it is crucial to keep a cool head and go through all the prescribed processes to make the most out of the process. One crucial procedure is attending and completing the DWI mental health assessments successfully. The following segment will list three key benefits of completing these assessments:

It Can Help You Fight Bad Habits

It is perilous to drive around while intoxicated. You pose a grave danger to your passengers and other road users. A DWI charge can be an indicator of a substance misuse disorder. While not every DWI convict has an alcohol or drug problem, many harbor various substance use disorders. A licensed substance abuse counselor can identify early signs of substance dependence. They can help you manage your problem if you do not pass the prescribed DWI assessments. You can use this opportunity to address your drug dependence.

It Can Help with Confiscated Driver's License

The court always confiscates the driver's license of all DWI convicts. People who fail to complete their DWI assessments face multiple hurdles when getting back on the road. The DMV will not release your drivers' license until they are satisfied with your performance in the substance use assessments. Not being able to drive has various implications. People who drive to work or school will have to use public means or ask someone to take them to their destinations. Thus, completing DWI assessments is the fastest way of getting your driver's license back. 

It Demonstrates Your Desire for Change

Some DWI convicts face harsh sentences such as lengthy jail terms, canceled licenses, and expensive fines. Such punishments can have devastating consequences on someone's future and potentially change how your colleagues, family, and friends perceive you. Completing court-prescribed DWI assessments can demonstrate your desire to change and participate positively in society. If you come before a judge to reinstate your canceled driver's license, they will consider your fidelity to the justice system and give a fair determination.

To learn more about DWI mental health assessments, contact a counselor near you.