Feeling Depressed And Antidepressants Not Helping? See A Family Counselor

Depression can be difficult to overcome alone. In most cases, a doctor will prescribe antidepressants to help. If your doctor has done this and the antidepressants are not working, you have other options. One of these options is to see a family counselor. Below is more information about this option, as counseling can help in ways that antidepressants may not.

Help You Find the Reasons for Your Depression

In some cases, depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. In other cases, there may be things going on in your life currently or something that happened in the past that is causing you to be depressed.

A family counselor will talk to you about your family relationships, about your life, and much more. This will give them an idea of where your depression may be coming from. You may find it much easier to talk to a counselor than you do with your family and friends. You will not have to worry about the counselor telling anyone about your conversations, as they are completely confidential. The only time the counselor will tell someone else is if they think you are suicidal and need hospitalization.

The counselor will want to see you for several visits in most cases as therapy can take time. 

Family Counseling

There are different types of counseling a family counselor has available. One type of counseling involves you and your family getting therapy, which is known as family counseling. It can be helpful to include your family as they may notice things that you do not, such as what makes you feel saddest. If your depression is due to something that happened in the family, such as a death or abuse, the counselor may ask to do individual counseling for your family members. 

Because you have a mental health disorder, other family members may also have this disorder. This may be due to inheriting a chemical imbalance or going through the same type of problems. 

The family counselor can teach you and your family members how to deal with depression or any other mental health conditions your family members may have. This can be beneficial for you as your family will understand better when you do not feel like doing things, such as going out or having family dinner.

Talk with the family counselor that you see and they can give you much more information on how they can help you. For more information about counseling services, contact a local counseling office.