Recovery Tips That Will Assist With Giving Up Beer

If you drink a 12-pack of beer almost every night of the week and have been relying heavily on alcohol to help you cope with feeling inadequate around others, realizing that you have become addicted to alcohol can be a scary, eye-opening experience. If you would like to quit drinking but are having trouble giving up alcohol on your own, use the recovery tips that follow. 

Attend An Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are open to anyone who would like to quit drinking. It doesn't matter who you are, what your job status is, or how long you have been drinking. You will always be welcome at a meeting and can gain insight from others who are struggling with addiction or who have found a better way of life by remaining clean on a daily basis.

Since you are a newcomer, you may feel apprehensive about attending a meeting alone. You have nothing to fear, however. People will not look at you sideways when you walk through the door to a meeting hall. Instead, you will be greeted with kinds words and can sit down and take in what is going on around you. If you would like to share your story, you may do so. You can also remain silent if you want.

Obtain A Sponsor

If you feel at ease and get a chance to meet some of the people who have been in recovery for years, one or more of them may mention a sponsorship to you. A sponsor is a person who has been clean and sober for an extended amount of time. They have followed the steps taught to them during Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and have chosen to donate their time by providing support to a fellow alcoholic.

If you are offered assistance and one of the people who you have met has stated that they are willing to be your sponsor, decide if you would like to take them up on their offer. If so, you will be provided with moral support and a listening ear while you are attempting to give up alcohol.

If you feel like you are going to relapse, you can call your sponsor on the phone. They will offer insight, which may dissuade you from giving up and turning to beer for comfort. 

Meet With An Addiction Counselor

An addiction counselor can help you understand what is causing your feelings of inadequacy. They will explain the characteristics of physical dependency to a mind-altering substance and will discuss the serious repercussions that could result if you give up on your recovery and begin to drink on a daily basis again.

An outpatient treatment center is the place to go to find an addiction counselor. If you are wary about entering this type of establishment, call a treatment center first so that you can speak at length to someone over the phone.

After a counselor is assigned to you, appointments will be made regularly so that you can sit down with your counselor to discuss what has been going on in your life and any triggers that have been prompting you to relapse. A counselor will help you create a healthy schedule that is filled with a variety of activities that will take your mind off of drinking beer. 

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