Couples Counseling

If you are undergoing some struggles in your marriage, should you enter couples counseling? Although every couple differs, there are certain signs that indicate you could benefit from a marriage therapist. Studies show that 97% of those who seek this type of help are happy with the treatment results. If you and your partner are struggling, making an appointment may greatly benefit your relationship. 


Communication problems occur in every marriage, but if you and your spouse are not talking about anything except the most basic items, such as childcare arrangements or auto repair, you may need professional help. Negative communication, by either by one or both parties, is also a bad sign. If you feel attacked or belittled on a regular basis, then counseling is certainly indicated. 

Emotional Support

If one or both partners are not getting the emotional support they need, then a counselor may be able to help. In a relationship, each person should be able to go to the other for help, affection, and sex and be received "empathetically." If you often end up feeling rejected and ignored, you and your marriage need some professional assistance. 


When a partner strays or considers straying, professional counseling can mean the difference between staying together or getting a divorce. Statistics show that 17% of marriages ending in divorce do so because of infidelity. Although some marriages do survive after an affair or indiscretion, couples often need help with forgiveness and reestablishing trust. 


If you or your spouse have an alcohol problem or drug addiction, professional help is necessary. Anyone with an addiction is unable to contribute emotionally to a marriage. In addition, those suffering from addiction issues are plagued with behavioral problems that range from embarrassing to destructive. If you or your children do not feel safe at home, then your marriage is on very shaky ground. A combination of a treatment program for the addict combined with couples counseling may be the best option. Addiction is rarely a problem that can be overcome alone.

Marriage counseling has a long history of saving or improving marriages. In some instances, counselors may help couples to "uncouple" if that's the healthiest course to take. If you and your partner are having more than passing difficulties, you should seriously consider contacting a reputable couples counselor. You have too much invested in your partner and your marriage to give up without trying every possible course to save your relationship.